Ready for a water heater upgrade?

Heat pump water heaters are ideal for homeowners looking to…

  • replace an old, inefficient electric water heater
  • lower household energy consumption
  • take control of how efficiently their hot water heater operates

What every homeowner needs to know about heat pump water heaters

  • Heat pump water heaters provide greater operational control, requiring more homeowner involvement. Find out how they work.
  • The purchase price for heat pump water heaters is higher than the average standard electric water heater, but in return the unit cuts water heating costs up to 50%.
  • For the best results, consult and hire an oriented contractor to identify the best heat pump water heater model and installation location for your home.
  • Visit the "Find a Contractor" and "Find a Retailer" pages to find a contractor or retailer near you.

Choosing a heat pump water heater

There are many energy-efficient heat pump water heater models on the market. Consider your climate, home size, and installation location before purchase and installation. Contact a professional contractor for help choosing the right model.

For a complete list of heat pump water heaters best suited for northwest climates click here.